Learning iPad Programming, 2nd Edition Coming in Spring 2013

Learning iPad Programming, 2nd Edition is coming this spring. Tom and I updated the book to cover new features found in iOS 6 including collection views, UIActivityViewController, unwind segues, simpler iCloud syncing setup, and Cocoa Auto Layout. There’s also a new chapter on turning your iPad app into a universal app. Rough Cuts are available at Safari Books Online for those looking to get an early preview of the book.

Also, look for an update to PhotoWheel coming soon in the App Store. PhotoWheel has been updated to take advantage of new features found in iOS 6. And as with the first edition, the entire source code for the App Store version of PhotoWheel is available in the github repository.

You maybe asking yourself, “Should I buy the first edition or wait for the second edition?” If you are writing an iPad app today that must target iOS 5, then the first edition is the book for you. New features in iOS 6 such as collection views and the activity view controller are not available in iOS 5. However, if you plan to support iOS 6 and newer, then I suggest waiting until the second edition is available for purchase. Or if you like, pre-order Learning iPad Programming, 2nd Edition from Amazon now.