PhotoWheel 2 is Available for Download

The latest version of PhotoWheel, version 2, has been approved by Apple and is being processed for the App Store. This means you will be able to download the latest and greatest within the next 24-hours.

PhotoWheel 2 has been updated with the latest code from the second edition of Learning iPad Programming, which is scheduled for release sometime in May 2013. I decided to release PhotoWheel 2 now instead of waiting until May because I thought other developers could benefit from the enhancements made to the code base.

PhotoWheel has been re-written for iOS 6. It takes advantage of new features found in iOS 6 such as the activity view controller and collection views. Collection views, one of my favorite additions to iOS, are an welcome addition because it eliminates the need for writing a custom grid view, which was the approach used in the first edition of the book.

Source code for the App Store version of PhotoWheel is available in the github repository. Also, the older, iOS 5 version of PhotoWheel has been tagged in the repository as v1.3.