Learning iPad Programming, Second Edition

Learning iPad Programming book coverThis book is for anyone wishing to learn iPad programming. The book is written for programmers new to iOS and iPad programming as well as experience iPhone programmers wishing to jump start their iPad programming skills. Readers will get hands on with iPad programming by building different iPad applications.

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Table of Contents


PART 1: Getting Started
1. Your First App (Download sample chapter)
2. Getting Started with Xcode
3. Getting Started with Interface Builder
4. Getting Started with Objective-C
5. Getting Started with Cocoa
6. Provisioning Your iPad
7. App Design

PART 2: Building PhotoWheel
8. Creating a Master Detail App
9. Using Table Views
10. Using Collection and Custom Views
11. Using Touch Gestures
12. Adding Photos
13. Data Persistence
14. Storyboarding in Xcode
15. View Controllers and Segues
16. Building the Main Screen
17. Creating a Photo Browser
18. Supporting Device Rotation
19. Printing with AirPrint
20. Sharing with Others
21. Web Services
22. Synching with iCloud
23. Producing a Slideshow with Airplay
24. Visual Effects with Core Image
25. Going Universal

26. Debugging
27. Distributing Your App
28. The Final Word


Appendix A. Installing the Developer Tools