Getting Started, What to Read

When I setup this site at the end of December, my plan was to make at least one blog posting a week. As you can see that didn’t happen. I let myself become overwhelmed over the last two months but things are finally settling down…I hope. And I hope to have more time going forward to make regular posting here.

Okay, on to my main topic…getting started and what to read…

A few people have asked me for recommended reading on getting started with iOS program. Of course I would like to say, “Read my book,” but it’s not ready yet. So I asked myself, “What would I read if I were getting started today?”

If I were getting started today, I would start by reading Aaron Hillagass’s iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. It is well written, and it covers everything you need to get started with iPhone programming.

The other book I would read right away if I were starting out today is Robert Clair’s Learning Objective-C 2.0. I like his writing style and I found his book to be very informative. Another good Objective-C book is Stephan Kochan’s Programming in Objective-C 2.0, which was, in fact, the first book I read when I decided to learn Objective-C and Cocoa.

So there you have it. Those are the books I would read if I were getting started today.