Kindle and iBooks Versions Are Available

It took the publisher longer than expected, but I’m happy to finally report Learning iPad Programming is once again available for Kindle and iBooks. And the formatting issues have been corrected.

For those who purchased the Kindle or iBooks version back before they were pulled…I purchased the Kindle and iBooks versions when they were first released at the beginning of December. I was able to update my iBooks version the other day by deleting the book from my device and re-downloading it. Updating the Kindle version is more involved. It requires Amazon to send you an email asking if you wish to update. Amazon does this because installing an update will overwrite your highlights and bookmarks for the book being updated. So far, I have not received my email from Amazon informing me of the update and giving me the option to update. I hope it comes soon because I want to see the latest and greatest on my Kindle.

Update: I found that emailing Amazon at and requesting the latest version is the quickest way to get the updated Kindle version pushed out to your device.